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How to optimize sheet metal design?

Issuing time:2020-05-11 00:00

With the deepening of China's social construction, sheet metal parts have been gradually applied in people's life.In general, sheet metal processing is a process of cold working with sheet metal to obtain sheet metal parts that meet the application requirements.

In general, sheet metal parts have obvious advantages in strength, weight and cost, and have better point-to-point performance compared with traditional parts. Therefore, sheet metal parts have been gradually applied in China's high-tech fields such as electronics and communication up to now.

At the same time, people have gradually put forward higher requirements for the quality and function of sheet metal parts. Therefore, appropriate optimization for the original sheet metal parts processing technology has become the focus of sheet metal workers.According to the actual research, this paper holds that the optimization of processing technology should be carried out one by one from the application of four basic cold processing links in sheet metal parts processing.

Blanking section

First, in terms of blanking part, usually cutting refers to through to the mold die, and separation between the sheet metal material, so as to realize the separation of sheet metal, the link is often used in processing is relatively simple shape of parts processing, processing of high precision shape so as to realize larger extent, reduce the waste materials at the same time.

In this section, first of all should be aimed at cutting to control the shape of sheet metal parts, can be in the corner cutting of outer and inner hole area, should set the arc Angle with the method of excess, avoid Angle sharp at the same time reduce the improper link of the subsequent heat treatment of die cracking caused by the problem, affect the subsequent sheet metal building;Then, the punch and its small value should be optimized.In general, when punching sheet metal parts, if the punching size is small, it will greatly reduce the load on the punch press, but if it is too small, it will easily cause the data of the pressure on the die to be suddenly even more, thus affecting the actual quality of the die.For example, at this stage, the sheet metal punching should be set according to different sheet metal load targets, and the basic size of the hole should be more than twice the hole spacing and greater than 3.00mm.After that, the cantilever and groove setting on the blanking piece should avoid being too narrow or too long in the actual process application, so that the cutting width of the cantilever should be greater than 200 sheet metal thickness while improving the strength of the relevant die blade.

Two bending segments

The bending process usually refers to the process of preventing sheet metal material from forming on the bending equipment, causing elastic deformation of sheet metal material through the pressure of upper die or lower die, and plasticity deformation according to the actual design scheme after elastic deformation occurs.

In the application process of this link, according to the actual design requirements, select different parts to set the size, and according to the thickness of sheet metal raw materials to determine the actual operation of bending.According to the practical experience of bending, the bending links prone to local abnormal deformation, thus affecting the appearance quality of sheet-metal part and the actual application, so, in the actual operation link, want for bending part process optimization should be conducted by the operator according to the actual situation in advance of incision, so as to avoid subsequent deformation problem.At the same time, when parts need to be bent more than once, a comprehensive estimation should be carried out in all bending operations to avoid the impact of the first bending operation on the subsequent bending process, so as to achieve the expected sheet metal design objectives.

3. Pressure riveting

Pressure riveting link in sheet metal pieces, refers to the sheet metal materials through pressure effect, make the sheet metal material deformation occurred, in turn, will be coupled together, this process is normally used in pressure riveting screws, pressure riveting bolts, in terms of end pressure riveting operation link, usually present nut circular and a gear with pressure pattern and wire slot.Therefore, the riveting process of sheet metal not only optimizes the quality of the original nut but also avoids the welding process.

If you want to get a better design scheme, first of all, you can select different molds in the actual riveting process according to the height of different pressing bolts, and adjust the pressure release of the riveting device, so as to ensure the pressing quality of nuts and avoid the problem of waste parts.Secondly, the appropriate size of sheet metal can be selected in the process of the setting of press riveting structure, so as to ensure the result of press riveting and avoid the extrusion of sheet metal parts.

4. Welding Process

Welding is one of the important ways to connect the various parts of the sheet metal in the process of cold working, so it is usually placed under the background of high temperature for operation.At present, most common welding methods are argon arc welding, contact spot welding and so on.

Therefore, in the actual welding process, different welding methods should be selected according to the nature of different sheet metal parts, to a large extent to ensure the reduction of welding deformation and improve the actual efficiency of welding.For example, in the actual welding process, sufficient welding control should be determined first, and secondly, the length of the welding part should be controlled accurately to avoid the occurrence of sheet metal deformation while optimizing the load situation of the welding point.

5 conclusion

Sheet metal processing technology is closely related to modern production. With the rapid development of sheet metal technology today, we should understand and innovate its processing technology and improvement measures to make sheet metal technology have a better development.Key words: sheet metal parts;Processing technology;Optimize the design;Quick screen sheet metal processing.

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