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With the development of society and economy and the progress of industry, sheet metal chassis shell processing is more and more widely used in our daily production and life. Various sheet metal parts should be used in automobiles, machine tools, and various household appliances. Therefore, How to make sheet metal parts of good quality and beautiful appearance, processing technology is particularly important.
Steel fabrication is the process of cutting, bending, and shaping steel alloy to create a product.
Thank you for your long-term support and encouragement. We look forward to your visit and guidance on the occasion of the International Fair of Self-help Sales Systems and Facilities. Your arrival hopes to provide us with some good reference and suggestions, our growth and development can not be separated from the guidance of each customer. China (Guangzhou) International Self-help Sales System and Facilities Fair 2019 The Second China (Guangzhou) International New Retail and Unmanned Sales Fair, 2019
Guangdong Dongji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., in order to highlight Dongji corporate culture, enrich the cultural life of employees, improve team cohesion, versatility and self-expression. Entertainment equipment has been added to the factory, including badminton, basketball, billiards, table tennis and other entertainment items.
Guangdong Dongji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has held the first basketball friendship match on March 15, 2019. To enrich the cultural life of employees and improve team cohesion, enterprises have been adhering to the principle of seeking happiness for employees, creating value for customers and contributing to society. Main business includes: sheet metal processing / OEM customized processing, metal frame, intelligent vending machine, rice mill equipment.
Guangdong Dongji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has held the Spring Festival on March 16, 2019. The theme is customer-centered, creating better value, commending the company's performance in 2018, looking forward to the company's development vision in 2019, inviting VIP customers, suppliers, invited guests, employees'families and all Dongji employees to celebrate the Spring Festival together.
Guangdong Dongji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, the hometown of overseas Chinese. It is located in the center of Dawan District, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao. After several years of development, the company covers an area of 30,000 square meters with nearly 300 employees, of whom more than 25% are technicians.
Guangdong Dongji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. On the 1st of each month: All staff are involved in reading the company's ideas, summarizing the core management and the boss's speech.
Guangdong Dongji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. provides benefits during the Spring Festival. Employees take pictures and take pictures. The quality of a company's treatment determines the probability of retaining people and the future of development.
Guangdong Dongji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. project signing ceremony: divided into four project groups, rice mill, comprehensive vending machine, sheet metal and metal frame group.
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