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What should be paid attention to in the production and design of sheet metal chassis shell
Published date: 2022-07-21

With the development of society and economy and the progress of industry, sheet metal chassis shell processing is more and more widely used in our daily production and life. Various sheet metal parts should be used in automobiles, machine tools, and various household appliances. Therefore, How to make sheet metal parts of good quality and beautiful appearance, processing technology is particularly important. 5.600X314 The post-processing of the sheet metal chassis shell is mainly the treatment of the surface of the sheet metal products, that is, in order to protect the material parts, a layer of film is applied on the surface to prevent oxidation, and it can also improve the adhesion of the drying paint. The process includes electroplating, electrostatic adsorption, baking paint, oxidation treatment, etc. Among them, electrostatic adsorption is mainly used for cold-rolled steel sheets. After the post-processing of the sheet metal parts, the processing is basically completed. Therefore, attention must be paid to the protection of the material parts and must not be scratched, otherwise it will not meet the standard. Sheet Metal Processing is a combination of theory and practice, and an organic combination of basic process knowledge, basic process methods and basic process practices in mechanical manufacturing. 13.600X314 In this process, the following points should be paid attention to in the processing of sheet metal chassis shell: 1. When using the sample drawing, the expansion method should be convenient for material saving and timely processing, and the position and direction of pressure riveting, budding, punching and bulging points (packages) should be marked in the cross-sectional view to facilitate processing and more intuitive. understand. Check parameters such as sheet thickness, material and thickness tolerances. sheet metal chassis shell design 2. For error-prone places, the key points should be marked; for larger and complex places, this part of the chart should be enlarged; for products that need to be painted or protected, they should also be prompted. In short, in the process of sheet metal processing, it must be completed in strict accordance with the processing process. sheet metal chassis shell Every link in the processing of sheet metal chassis shell is very important. Problems in any link will affect the processing quality of the product. Therefore, the accuracy of each process must be guaranteed. Only in this way can beautiful and qualified sheet metal parts be produced. Guangdong Dongji Intelligent, a 15-year professional manufacturer of shells and shells, provides hardware shells, stainless steel shells, chassis shells, aluminum profile shells, waterproof junction boxes, and sheet metal chassis shell customization.

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