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What are the steps for sheet metal processing?
Published date: 2023-09-28

      The precision Sheet Metal parts, sheet metal processing parts, sheet metal chassis cabinets and other products produced by Guangdong Dongji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. are of first-class quality. The product undergoes 

rigorous processing technology and strict quality testing, ensuring that every product in the hands of consumers is a qualified component, and the satisfaction of cooperating users is very high. Our perfect design strength and 

precision sheet metal processing technology have always been highly praised by professionals in the industry.

Sheet Metal

      The production process of sheet metal processing refers to the process of making products from raw materials, including engineering design, processing and manufacturing of raw materials, processing and heat treatment of

parts, assembly and debugging of products, surface treatment, and packaging and transportation of finished products. The multitude of Sheet Metal production and processing processes has led enterprises to introduce more 

advanced principles and methods of modern management system engineering to guide production, treating the production process as a production system with inputs and outputs, and improving the system to make enterprises 

more adaptable and competitive.

      The process of changing the shape, size, and performance of raw materials into finished products during sheet metal processing is called a process. It is the main part of the production process, and the process is composed of

 one or several sequentially arranged processes. The thickness of the layer of metal cut from the blank is called the machining allowance. The purpose of leaving machining allowance on the workpiece is to remove the machining 

errors and surface defects left by the previous process, perform cutting or punching processing again, and finely grind the surface roughness of the workpiece. Thus improving the accuracy of the workpiece and reducing the 

surface roughness of the workpiece.

Sheet Metal

During the process, the workpiece may undergo several installations. The process completed by the workpiece in one clamping is called installation. There are two installations during the machining process of machined parts on 

the lathe. First installation: Use a three jaw chuck to clamp the end face of the outer circle, bore the inner hole, chamfer the inner hole, and complete the first step of the outer circle turning process. Second installation: Turn 

around and use a three jaw disc to clamp the outer circle, chamfer the end face and inner hole. On the premise of ensuring quality, make the margin as small as possible. The more precision machining, the smaller the process 

margin. The production process of sheet metal casing may go through the following processes: LASER/NCT cutting; Deburring nodes/wire drawing; Auxiliary processing (drilling/tapping/riveting); CNC bending forming; Assembly 

welding or butt welding/polishing; Baking paint (powder spraying or oil spraying) and silk screen printing; Assemble semi-finished or finished products; Product testing/inspection; Packaging and shipping, each process requires 

strict inspection and control before it can be shipped

Our ultimate goal is to deliver qualified sheet metal processing parts, chassis and cabinets, and other components to customers to satisfy them. Guangdong Dongji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the sheet 

metal processing industry for 22 years, and has rich experience in precision Sheet Metal processing technology, sheet metal parts, chassis and cabinet manufacturing. Welcome to customize sheet metal parts, chassis and cabinets,

 and we will sincerely serve you.

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