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Determining Laser Cutting Paths in Sheet Metal Fabrication: A Methodology by Jiangmen Dongji Sheet Metal
Published date: 2023-09-28

In the process of laser cutting in sheet metal fabrication, understanding how to determine cutting paths is essential. Jiangmen Dongji Sheet Metal suggests analyzing the characteristics of the methods for determining 

cutting paths in laser cutting.

Characteristics of Laser Cutting Path Determination in Sheet Metal Fabrication:

1. Adaptability to Complex Variations:** Laser cutting methods completely adapt to the intricate variations found in the workpiece. They closely mimic the actual mold processing, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. 

This results in high-speed, short-cycle operations with exceptional cutting quality.

2. Automated Three-Dimensional Programming: The programming for laser cutting in sheet metal fabrication is no longer adjusted manually but follows a three-dimensional processing program that aligns perfectly with the 

theoretical cutting line. This program is directly employed for cutting the product. It ensures that the cutting process consistently matches the actual cutting state, avoiding situations where two-dimensional lines may not align. 

With no manual intervention throughout the cutting process, every processed product remains in sync with the digital model, reducing the need for multiple trial-and-error cutting lines to just 3 to 4 times.

3. Bundled Software with Machine Tools:** Unlike generic software, laser cutting software is typically not sold separately; it is bundled with the machine tool. In the Japanese laser cutting machine market, NTC Corporation's 

five-axis laser cutting machines have a significant advantage, primarily bundled with PEPSPentaCut software. The advantage of bundled sales is that machine-related data is pre-customized, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy

 of program simulations. Customer-generated programs meet machine tool requirements, eliminating the possibility of collisions due to setup errors. This software is known for its simplicity and practicality.

About Jiangmen Dongji IoT Technology Co., Ltd.:

Jiangmen Dongji IoT Technology Co., Ltd. is the sheet metal division of Guangdong Dongji Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. The company is located in Jiangmen, Guangdong, renowned as the hometown of overseas Chinese.

 It stands as a major sheet metal processing facility in South China, with a dedicated focus on the sheet metal fabrication industry for over a decade. The company's branch in Tangxia Town, Jiangmen, operates a dedicated factory 

engaged in laser cutting and processing based on customer-supplied drawings and materials.

Dongji Sheet Metal possesses its own sheet metal processing production line, painting line, assembly line, and a proficient engineering team. This enables us to flawlessly handle a diverse range of sheet metal products, 

including but not limited to sheet metal enclosures, equipment housings, stainless steel products, aluminum products, metal products, distribution cabinets, fireproof boxes, environmental protection equipment enclosures, 

barbecue grills, tool cabinets, advertising display stands, electrical assembly smart equipment, and more. Our services encompass customized processing or OEM production, delivering a comprehensive one-stop solution from 

design customization, processing production, assembly, to post-sales tracking.

In conclusion, the determination of laser cutting paths in sheet metal fabrication is a precise and automated process that guarantees superior quality and efficiency. Jiangmen Dongji Sheet Metal, with its extensive experience 

in sheet metal processing, is a reliable partner for meeting diverse sheet metal fabrication needs. Contact us to experience the excellence of sheet metal processing and discover how Dongji Sheet Metal can elevate your 

projects to new heights.

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