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OEM Custom Aluminium Die Casting Advertising Panel Housing

Material: Aluminum Size: Custom Custom Package: Yes Furface Finishing: Aluminum Anodizing Qualification: CE,UL, ISO, TUV Craftmanship: Laser aluminum cutting, CNC aluminum punching, CNC aluminum bending, laser welding, surface finishing, Application: Advertising panel

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Product Description

Dongji's aluminum shell products are widely used in the advertising industry, such as advertising light box shells, display stands, advertising boards, advertising booths, etc. We were established in 2011. After 11 years of development, we now have complete high-performance sheet metal production equipment and become a large-scale sheet metal manufacturer in South China. We now have Laser Cutting machines, CNC Punching machines, CNC Bending machines, welding equipment, surface treatment production lines, assembly production lines, etc.

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