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Sheet Metal Fabrication stainless steel billboards

Dongji or customized
mild steel ,galvanized steel,aluminum,SS201, SS304, SS316 etc
Material thickness range
Surface finish
Brushing, polishing, plating, anodizing, powder coating
Delivery time
10-30 days 20GP/40GP
T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union etc
Jiangmen port ,Shenzhen port ,Guangzhou port or other port that specified

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Product Description

Publicity boards provide residents with the latest information window, the propaganda position of each community, and the window to publicize the Party's line, policy, science and technology, culture, health and other aspects of knowledge to the community residents. Community propaganda boards are also an important channel for community residents to grasp popular science knowledge, and a "transmitter" to call on the mobilization of the whole people.

Stainless steel propaganda board is to add stainless steel materials on the basis of traditional propaganda board to ensure that the propaganda board is not rusty and prolong the service life of the propaganda board. Generally stainless steel frame, toughened glass or endurance plate for the panel, aluminum alloy for the ceiling, the panel can open and replace the propaganda screen.

The bulletin boards of steel and stainless steel plates will be painted with steel plates, and the surface will be treated with anticorrosion. It can be buried below the ground or fixed on the surface of hardened floor with expansion screw.

There are two ways to open the front door, one is to open the front door with glass lock, the other is to open the back door with ordinary lock. The content is mostly picture or paper content.


The production process includes cutting, bending, welding, grinding, polishing, wire drawing, electroplating, oxidation and spraying.


Stainless steel propaganda boards are widely used in schools, residential districts, conference halls, exhibition halls, entrances and exits of residential districts or cultural plazas, activity centers, highways along the streets or near clubs and other venues, which makes residents of residential districts unavoidable and passive reading.

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