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Customized stainless steel vertical indicator

Dongji or customized
mild steel ,galvanized steel,aluminum,SS201, SS304, SS316 etc
Material thickness range
Surface finish
Brushing, polishing, plating, anodizing, powder coating
Delivery time
10-30 days 20GP/40GP
T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union etc
Jiangmen port ,Shenzhen port ,Guangzhou port or other port that specified

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Product Description

Indicators are signs indicating directions, such as toilet signs, road signs and so on. The definition is quite extensive. The lobby sign, guide sign, water sign, welcome sign, parking sign, room number plate, consulting sign, cash register, parking sign, park sign and so on belong to the model of the sign.

Signboards, also known as billboards, indicate that they can play an advertising role. They can be used as billboards at the entrance of shopping malls, hotels, banks and hotels to display products or services that need to be promoted.

Stainless steel signs are advertising signs made of stainless steel plates by means of corrosion, die casting or printing. Stainless steel signs used at this stage are mostly made by corrosion technology, which have beautiful patterns, clear lines, appropriate depth, flat bottom, full color, even drawing, uniform surface color and so on.

Sign characteristics: 1. Stainless steel sign will not rust, long service life; 2. Stainless steel sign weighs more; 3. Stainless steel sign has a high-grade feeling; 4. Stainless steel sign has the distinction between drawing and bright surface; 5. Stainless steel sign has a metallic texture; 6. Stainless steel sign has a strong sense of solemnity.


Production processes include cutting, bending, welding, grinding, polishing, wire drawing, electroplating, oxidation, paint baking.


Indicators can be placed in the vicinity of the company to facilitate others to find the company quickly; roadside signs can let people know which way to choose; real estate company property district, can better facilitate people to know the geographical location of the district; such as: gas stations, highways, hotels, and so on, there are many places.

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