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Special stainless steel trench cover plate for factories

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Product Description

• Ditch cover is also known as "ditch cover, manhole cover", "manhole cover" it is made of cement, iron, in normal use after it is easy to be damaged, replacement cost. The steel grid plate pressure welding, which has easy installation, light weight, good bearing capacity, strong shock resistance, excellent drainage, product surface after hot dip galvanized after appearance, rust and corrosion, has the advantages of cast iron ditch cover incomparable.
• Prominent features: 1, hot dip galvanized surface treatment: strong strong rust. 2, the domestic advanced anti cover design is made of steel plate ditch cover frame are connected by a hinge, anti-theft, safety, convenient opening. 3, product appearance: concise lines, silvery appearance, modern ideas. 4, large mesh has the best drainage: Water Leakage area of 83.3%, is two times more than the cast iron. 5, saving material saving investment: large span, heavy load, low price than iron; and can save iron because the stolencrushed replacement cost. 6, made of high strength steel, the steel plate with high strength, strength and toughness than cast iron, can be used for docks, airports and other large span and heavy load environment.
• Product variety: meet the different environment, load, span and the desired shape, size and shape can be provided according to the customer.


The production process of stainless steel trench cover includes laser, stamping, bending, welding, grinding, polishing and spraying.


Stainless steel trench cover is mainly used in chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, paper mills, sewage treatment plants, food factories, municipal roads, garden facilities, residential areas, schools, stadiums and other places.

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