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Stainless steel enclosure box housing for Commercial ultrasonic cleaner Equipment components

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• Ultrasound propagates in liquids, which makes liquids and cleaning tanks vibrate together at the frequency of ultrasonic waves. When liquids and cleaning tanks vibrate, they have their own natural frequencies. This vibration frequency is the frequency of acoustic waves, so people hear buzz. With the continuous development of the cleaning industry, more and more industries and enterprises have applied the ultrasonic cleaning machine.
• ◪For the principle of the ultrasonic cleaner, the high frequency oscillation signal from the ultrasonic generator is transformed into high frequency mechanical oscillation by transducer and propagated to the medium-cleaning solvent. The forward radiation of the ultrasonic wave in the dense phase of the cleaning solution causes the flow of the liquid to produce tens of thousands of tiny bubbles with a diameter of 50-500 microns. The micro bubbles in the liquid oscillate under the action of the sound field. Move. These bubbles form and grow in the negative pressure region of longitudinal propagation of ultrasound, while in the positive pressure region, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubbles increase rapidly and then close suddenly. And when the bubble closes, it produces shock wave, which produces thousands of atmospheric pressure around it, destroys insoluble dirt and makes them disperse in the cleaning liquid. When the group particles are coated by oil dirt and adhere to the surface of the cleaning parts, the oil is emulsified, solid particles and detached, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning parts. In this process, which is called "cavitation" effect, bubble closure can form instantaneous high pressures of several Baidu temperatures and more than 1,000 barometric pressures.
• ◪The advantages of the ultrasonic cleaning machine are that the ultrasonic cleaning effect is good and the operation is simple. The sound that people hear is the sound signal with frequency of 20-20000Hz. The sound wave with frequency higher than 20000Hz is called ultrasound. The transmission of sound wave follows the sinusoidal curve longitudinally and produces a large number of small bubbles. One reason is that the local tension stress in the liquid forms negative pressure. The decrease of pressure makes the gas dissolved in the liquid supersaturated and escapes from the liquid to become small bubbles. The other reason is that the strong tension stress tears the liquid into a cavity, called cavitation.


The production process of the shell of the ultrasonic cleaning machine includes laser, stamping, bending, welding, polishing, grinding and spraying.


Professional ultrasonic cleaners are widely used in glasses stores, jewelry stores, nail shops, dental clinics, clocks and watches stores, home use, hardware stores, electronic workshops, automotive parts, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, hospitals, retail stores and so on.

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